redacted-studiosFor any Producer being able to count on your contractors to deliver is a must. But when going beyond the call of duty is simply an everyday occurrence then what you’ve got is a commitment to excellence. From the first day composing for Namco till winning “GameSpots” Soundtrack of the year, for Afro, Fouché has exemplified the word excellence; excellence in his craft, customer service, availability, and enthusiasm for any mission no matter how impossible. You simply cant get any better than Fouché in the world and sounds and music.

namco-bandai-gamesFouché is one of the most dynamic, capable and talented music producer that I have ever had the good fortune to work with.  From his dedication to meet our ever changing requirements for time an money, to his unwavering customer service, answering calls at all hours of the night.  You can’t get a 911 operator on the line as fast as you could get, Fouché.

FouchéMuzik is the one stop shop that keeps my productions out of trouble, and on track.  2AM emergency to score a trailer, “done.”  3 hours warning to fix a voice over on a holiday to make a morning meeting, “done.”  Fouché helped manage contributions from Grammy Award winning Hip-hop artists, to artists from all walks of life with equal poise and professionalism.  From individual tracks made to order, to symphonic sounds to please the discerning ear, Fouchémuzik was Namco’s “Red-phone” music management agency when we had the whole world watching, and expecting a good show…

Fouché is an original. Yes, he has all the engineering skills down tight, a talented arranger as well as producer and just plain all around artistic. More than that is who he is as a person and how he brings that into the musical relationship. That is why I’ve come back to him to produce and engineer my second CD. He understands the overall sensibility that needs to be present for the creative process to come alive, and at the same time, he’ll gently push you to go beyond your comfort zone; and for me, he was always right. There’s no amount of money you could spend to get that. Two thumbs up!

namco-bandai-gamesFouché is what we call a closer. With Afro Samurai, we were searching for a very unique hip hop sound infused with instruments you normally wouldn’t hear in a hip hop track. We weren’t sure if this combination of sounds would work. After hearing a few samples that he had made for us, we got a glimpse of how inventive and creative he was, so naturally we asked for more. Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. Track after track, Fouché delivered very unique tracks that blew us all away. In fact, his music was one of the bigger highlights in our game. I, myself and a few other of my team members still listen to the tracks Fouché made for us for Afro Samurai.

I had the opportunity to work with Fouché again a few months later on a different project. I practically lived in his studio at his home for an entire week. And for that week, I personally witnessed a genius at his craft. He quickly shifted gears and just simply produced great music with little to no direction at all.

I highly recommend Fouché and he is always at the top of my list for my music needs.

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I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with and creating outstanding music with Fouché for a few years. Most recently, we worked together on the AFRO Samurai video game soundtrack featuring Samuel Jackson and Kelly Hu. Currently we are working on my debut solo album, Here I Go . Fouché is truly a COMPLETE musician/producer. Throughout my performing career, I’ve worked with some hard hitters in the music industry such as Narada Michael Walden (received a Grammy for the Bodyguard Sound track) and Preston Glass (produced albums for Earth, Wind and Fire and The Whispers) just to name a few. The difference between Fouché and them is that he has yet to receive the recognition that he deserves for his phenomenal musical talent and production skills. Fouché exceeds all expectations in the variety of music that he produces and is extremely passionate about giving you the best of himself in any piece that he has a part in creating. He also brings out the best in the artists he works with. On another note, he is a family man and a good friend and is equally as passionate about these as well. I know it sounds like he paid me to write this, but once you experience the man, his music and his genius, you too will feel the same as I do. Look out music industry, here he comes!!!

namco-bandai-gamesFouché ‘s work really speaks for itself. The quality and attention to detail that he put into each project is second to none. He is dependable, professional, fast and most importantly, delivers quality work far exceeding expectations. Danny uses his creativity and knowledge in each piece of work he delivers and communicates brilliantly throughout the process. I look forward to signing him to another project and highly recommend him for your audio needs

tamara-white-headshotFouché is a consummate professional in all aspects of music production. I have known and worked with him for about two decades, as well as hired his skill sets to produce music work I have done as an independent artist. His knowledge is invaluable. The detail he puts into his work, as well as his creative abilities, are admirable. Fouche’ is extremely personable and suggests ideas to improve your product – always with a smile. Simply put, he is willing to go the extra mile to produce a first rate product each and every time. He is not satisfied as a producer until you are satisfied as a client. I would highly recommend Fouche’ for any music & video production you may have in mind

Fouché is a very talented artist; he is professional and very passionate about his craft. He has strong attention to details and will deliver his projects on time an on budget. I value and respect his expertise.