A few thoughts on producing and recording.

As I see it, my number one goal is to assist you, the artist or client, in bringing your musical vision to fruition.

When recording in the studio, the first order of things is to set and maintain the proper atmosphere and mood in order for the performer to feel comfortable, inspired, and deliver the best performance they possibly can.

It goes without saying that the right microphones, the appropriate headphone mix, an adequate monitoring system, a properly treated room, the use of high quality AD/DA converters, the right software, and much more, come into play when it comes to producing a quality product but none of that matters, if the producer or engineer running the session is not up to the task.

We all perceive and experience music differently. Hopefully the musical sensibilities I bring to the table will please you.

If you are interested in us working together on your project, please drop me a note.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

PS. By the way, even though I stand by what I said about great results coming from working with the producer who’s right for you and your project, I must admit that having a great set of tools does add to quality of the end product and also to the quality of the creative experience.

On that note, I do use some of the well known and widely used tools found in some of the industry’s top studios.

A Mac Pro, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Apogee Flagship converters the SYMPHONY i/o, Apogee’s Symphony system,  Drawmer tube preamp and compressor, Focal Twin 6Be reference monitors, Several microphones by Neumann, Audio Technica, AKG, Virtual Instrument plug-ins by Spectrasonics, Synthogy, East West, Izotope, IK Multimedia, Antares (Auto-tune), Melodyne, Universal Audio’s UAD 2 Quad Nevana system emulating the sound of the classic Neve consoles, Universal Audio’s flagship reverbs including their amazing Plate reverbs, their Mastering bundle, a great majority of their plug-ins focused on vintage analog hardware emulation.

May your musical dreams soon become a reality.

That is my wish for you.

Hope you are doing well.  Have a great one!