Patron Eyez, Formerly Known As Nam Classic


Patron Eyez, formerly known as Nam Classic, was Sacramento News & Review’s 2011 Sacramento Area Music Award Nominee for “Outstanding Rap Rock”. He heated up the rock and hip hop scene, with his debut album entitled, “A Value Study of the Young & Reckless”. In this album he melded the opposite ends of the blues spectrum together, rock & hip hop, to the point where it could not be classified into either genre. He demonstrated his gift to produce music and lyrics that defy the common norms that plague the stale and lacking Hip-Hop & Rock community. After a brief hiatus and move to Los Angeles with his co-producer Fouché, he decided to return to his Hip Hop roots. The combination of his lyrical style, which he coined sophisticated ignorance, and Fouché’s musical genius, will result in only one obvious outcome, the freshest Hip Hop E.P. of the year. Stay tuned for new music from this lyrical titan.