Jay Ran

Jay Ran

This generation’s new pioneer of music has arrived in Jay Ran, aka TVK “The Vocal Khameleon”.

Sexy, sultry, enticing and fresh are just a few words that describe Jay’s voice and music.  Blessed with a wide vocal range, Jay’s trademark is his ability to record his own leads and incredible multi-part harmonies, rap and voice over tracks and create any number of characters through his music or acting.  That’s how he came up with the name “The Vocal Khameleon”.  Jay represents a shrinking number of artist in today’s producer dominated industry who are self-contained.  He is comfortable in any genre of music but his passion lies in Hip Hop, R&B and Rap.  His lyrical content is new and refreshing, blending the quality of yesterday’s greats with today’s newcomers.  He has a charisma that keeps his audience engaged.

Jay has worked with or been on projects with great artists/actors such as Samuel L. Jackson & Kelly Hu (Afro Samurai video game), RZA, Narada Michael Walden, E-40, MC Hammer, YGB, AMW, Preston Glass & Dianne Reeves.

“I love to write songs, lyrics, sing, act and just perform” says Jay.  “I love to express myself whether it’s in an R&B, Gospel, Hip-hop or stage format.  I have been very fortunate to have performed with vocal groups as the lead singer and been involved in many projects.  I am very grateful to God for the ability to perform with such versatility; and through my music and acting, I hope to inspire other artist to explore all of their talents and use them to their fullest potential.”

In an industry where technology can often take the place of ability, the genuine talent of Jay Ran is unquestionable. Watch out world, Jay Ran is here!