Eddy Masi

Eddy Masi

Eddy Masí is a Musician-Poet singer born in Managua, Nicaragua, who comes from a traditional family, his father was a visionary; a hard working man who loved life, guitars and music. His influences marked Eddy’s path and his passion for music and a love for entertaining people.

Eddy began writing and composing his first songs at the young age of thirteen. Most of them being love songs that he would sing to the local girls of his neighborhood. “The first time I sang a song to a woman, I was thirteen and she was fifteen; I was so nervous not only because it was one of my first times singing, but also because she had a boyfriend. To no surprise, I still remember that song to this day and the memory of those times always make me happy” (Eddy).

Due to economic struggle and family hardship, Eddy was unable to pursue his music career despite his passion and desire for music. In 1976, he graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Universidad Centro Americana (UCA) in Managua, Nicaragua.

in 1979, with his country in political turmoil, he was forced to immigrate to San Francisco, California

In 1986 he won the Song Festival of San Francisco, and in 1987 he was a finalist in the OTI song Festival. In 1989 he opened for Carlos Santana at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California, for 5 de Mayo Festival.

Now from his endless musical inspiration, he is finally releasing his first song “Tu Ausencia” ( A Mi Madre), a sentimental and nostalgic song in honor of his mother resembling the happiness of his childhood and the sorrow for her lost. This song is part of his first CD of musical compositions soon to be released.

“I was born with music in my blood and I will write songs until I die”.

Eddy Masí